Frequently Asked Questions



  1. How do I get my account verified?

On sign up, you will be asked for your mobile number and email which will be followed by an OTP verification on your mobile. After signing up, please refer to the KYC policy for complete verification process

  1. How long does it take to get my account verified?

The procedure for each individual account is different. Usually, it takes 24 hours after the documents are received by our team. Please be patient until our team reviews your documents and your account is verified

  1. How do I know that my documents are approved, and account is verified?

After you have submitted all the documents, our team will notify you about your verification status in 24 hours

  1. I am not able to withdraw even after successful verification of my account.

There are few reasons for this issue:

  1. You did not complete wagering requirements
  2. There could be a system maintenance
  3. Or a bank maintenance


  1. The balance is is still not updated even after making a successful deposit in Khelraja account. The amount was also debited from my bank account/e-wallet.

Please contact our customer support and specify the payment method which you have been using for making a deposit. Also, please provide a screenshot and transaction/reference number of the transaction to verify that the deposit has been made by you.


  1. Will I get a refund after an unsuccessful deposit?

In case of an unsuccessful deposit, you should contact your bank to check on the status. Most of the banks would refund the money after their holding time period which is usually 14 business days.



  1. Why are my withdrawals getting rejected after a successful account verification?
  2. I am trying to make a withdrawal but the selected payment method is not available/ an error is displayed.



  1. The event has ended, but my bet has still not been settled.

Most of the bets are settled few minutes after the match has ended, however, some settlements could be delayed due to number of factors including review and approval of the match protocols by the referees or technical problems.


  1. The event was cancelled/suspended/rescheduled, but my bet was not refunded.

If the event was cancelled, all the bets will be refunded as soon as possible. If necessary, manual adjustments would be done by the team in the player’s wallet




  1. I have made a deposit but I cannot play at the casino. Why?

Please check the table limit or if the platform is under maintenance




  1. I made a deposit but didn’t receive any bonus.

This could happen due to certain number of reasons:

  1. You did not opt-in for the promo
  2. Or, you did not fulfill the conditions in order to qualify for bonus


  1. How can I enroll for promotions?

You can opt-in for promotions by simply visiting the promotions page and applying for the promotion of your choice. Alternatively you can contact the support team and they can process the request on your behalf.



Data recovery/correction

  1. I entered incorrect personal data into my account. Can I change it? How to do it?

This is subject to review and submission of proof of identity submitted by you. You can send requests to the support team at



Anti-Hijacking Plug-in (for Windows only)
Instruction: Download the plug-in and double-click the BAT file. Type any key to start until it shows "COMPLETED". ***Prefer try Google DNS first*